AnneMarie Maes is an artist and researcher. She creates projects that stimulate the development of a more sustainable world. Her research practice combines art and science with a strong interest for DIY technologies.
For AnneMarie Maes art is life and life is ecological. Inspired by nature, she wants to make the invisible visible. Her installations and long term projects – such as the Transparent Beehive, Urban Corridors or the Politics of Change – use a range of biological, digital and traditional media, including live organisms. These projects lead to a stream of art works, interventions, experiments and books.
She has a strong international profile, having exhibited (amongst others) at Bozar in Brussels, Koç Gallery in Istanbul, Borges Center in Buenos Aires, Skolska Gallery in Prague and the Institute of Evolutionary Biology in Barcelona.
She is affiliated to the artist collectives Okno and So-on, has managed several international art projects granted by EU Culture and she collaborates on regular basis with science groups in Brussels, Paris, Barcelona and Tokyo.



Madeat.EU Residency (May/June) at Fab Lab Barcelona / IAAC (Institute of Advanced Architecture Catalunya) – More info on the wiki: made@EU – Guerilla Beehives
Madeat.EU Exhibition – 21-23 June at In3dustry in the FIRA de Barcelona

The Intelligent Guerilla Beehive is a functional and organic sculpture, a shelter for swarming bee colonies. The biomimetic-inspired design is shaped upon the needs of the bees: it has the the ideal inner volume for a developing colony, it is mobile and easily deployable on different spots in public space. The object is made out of smart organic materials with useful biomimetic properties in respect to temperature fluctuation, humidity and ventilation. Once the colony decides to leave the hive, the shelter will decompose completely. It is a cradle to cradle design.

AnneMarie Maes is an artist and researcher. Her work incorporates sculpture, photography, video, installation and public participation. More recently, she founded a ‘Laboratory for Form and Matter’ to experiment with natural materials grown from fungi and bacteria. She engages with living systems in order to make the invisible structures and processes in nature visible.
A lot of her artistic work involves a strong engagement with the biological and computing sciences as well as DIY technologies and digital fabrication. By creating imaginative and poetic sculptures and images AnneMarie Maes explores the interaction between nature and culture through the lens of material science and biology.


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