The 2-year collaborative media art initiative A LABORATORY ON THE OPEN FIELDS is finishing with a distributed festival CONVERGENCE. Four different locations in Brussels are hosting ecological media works created during a larger experimental process. A daily guided walk on 23-24-25 April starting at 2pm connects OKNO, Tour&Taxis, Overtoon, and the Brussels Urban Bee Lab.
Collaboration works! 4 partner organizations, and 40 artists within a common program. Join them for ideal quiet afternoon city trip.
A custom made open source app and web environment, PVC is rendering the extended festival locations from Saint-Nazaire, Praha and Hranice, Brussels and the Atlantic Coast visible on the spot.


Brussels Urban Bee Lab, the monitoring files: Bee Monitoring Devices and Curious Observations.

Enjoy the festival! Share your point of view, to create another presence!
PVC stands for People’s Vision Collector. It started from a simple idea, while watching 4 people with smart phones film a solo performance. What if we could see all these different point of views, movements and sequences together, synchronized? Apparently there was no free app that would let us bring it easily together on a server, and make it available for everyone, so we made it ourselves.
With a simple app you record a movie, or shoot a picture. You give a title and a short description. That is all. And when there is a wifi connection it starts to upload it elsewhere. But you keep what you make, and you share what you want. On http://pvc.okno.be all recordings are synchronized on a timeline. Like you would have more than two eyes to see. People’s Vision Collector, making sharing a common joy.

More info on the festival:
http://alotof.org and http://alotof.org/w/WritingMedia