2014 – FORAGING FIELDS RIGA – exhibition

For the Riga 2014 exhibition FIELDS I present the multi media installation FORAGING FIELDS.
Foraging Fields is composed of several artistic works, all documenting a specific part of the Bee Research Laboratory. The complexity of the installation illustrates the significant interaction of bee colonies and their surroundings on different levels.
More information on the installation is available from the Foraging Fields booklet. Details of the artworks can be found via the links below.

keywords: beekeeping, ecology, networks, data-visualisation and sonification, pollen analysis, rooftop gardening, urban agriculture, accidental nature, politics of green spaces.

‘Foraging Fields’ multi media installation by AnneMarie Maes.
The LED shield on the Raspberry pi’s fixed on the wall, display in real time the environmental data from the beehives in the Brussels’ OpenGreen Corridor.

The installation is composed of the following works:

  • Flightroute mapping with realtime data transmission,
  • Mapping of the surroundings,
  • SEM microscopic photographs of bees and pollen,
  • Guerilla Beehives Network,
  • Wax Beehive based upon biomimicry,
  • Honey Batteries for alternative energy production,
  • the Peephole (dancing bees)
  • The FIELDS exhibition is produced in the framework of the Riga – European Cultural Capital programme. In a response to recent quests for a more sustainable future and overcoming the crises of the present, the exhibition aims to invent new avenues for future developments by bringing together traditionally separated domains. The exhibition shows approximately 40 artworks by international artists. It does not just look at art in a narrow sense but takes into account all kinds of creative practices that bring together new ways of thinking, scientific knowledge, aesthetics, technologies and social practices.
    The opening of the exhibition is followed by the conference RENEWABLE FUTURES. The curators aim to shape new contact zones between academic research and diversity of contemporary art practices, art and science, sustainable businesses and social engagement in the 21st century.

    Riga – Arsenals Museum – 15/05/2014 -> 03/08/2014
    FIELDS, patterns of social, scientific, and technological transformations
    The changing role of art in society is one where it does not just create a new aesthetics but gets involved in patterns of social, scientific, and technological transformations. The exhibition Fields presents a lively landscape of art that challenges existing viewpoints, deconstructs social issues, and proposes positive visions for the future. Artists in the Fields exhibition make new combinations of existing fields-as-in-disciplines – fusing and navigating between the social and the natural, the scientific and the emotional, the sensible and the actual in imaginative ways.
    Curators: Raitis Smits, Rasa Smite (Latvia) and Armin Medosch (Austria). Producer – RIXC.
    Artists: Oliver Ressler, Shu Lea Cheang, Lisa Jevbratt, Superflex, Gints Gabrans, Marko Peljhan, Cecile Babiole, Voldemars Johansons, Erich Berger, Martins Ratniks, Hayley Newman, Annemie Maes, YoHa, Martin Howse, Franz Xaver.

    Keynote speech by Armin Medosh for the opening of the FIELDS exhibition, Friday 16th of May 2014.
    The Broken Mirror – Art after the dreamworld of digital utopia

    Check out the Playing Fields Games -initiated by Armin Medosh- where experimental taxonomies are created.