Curriculum Vitae AnneMarie Maes (english, selection)



Cyfest#15 Vulnerability, Venice Biennale, (It)
Pollinations, Castellum, Utrecht (Nl)

Science on the Edge of Chaos, Albertina, Brussels (Be)
Garden of Knowledge, BULDNIS, MuZee Ostend (Be)
Renaissance sauvage : la perspective symbiotique, Jousse Entreprise Paris (Fr)
Matter of Kinship, Casa de Mateus (Pt)
Second Nature, 10N Gallery Menorca (Es)
Festival International de L’Histoire de L’Art, Chateau de Fontainebleau (Fr)
Mateus Labs, Fondacion Mateus Vila Real, Portugal (solo)
ISEA23, group show Paris
A Horse With No Name, Gallery show, Ostend (Be)
Symbiosium, group show at Fondation Fiminco, Paris
Edenworld, Bel Ordinaire, Pau – Fr
Alchimia Nova, solo exhibition Kunsthalle Mulhouse – Fr (solo)

Cyfest Media festival, Yerevan, Armenia
Entangled Love. A Seat for the Sea. TAZ2022 (performance)
Biotopia. Pavillon, Namur
Heures Sauvages. Centre Wallonie Bruxelles, Paris
A Bee is a Bee is a Bee. Réclamer la Terre. Palais de Tokyo, Paris (solo)

Abstracte Kunst bestaat niet. Galerie Emergent, Veurne, Belgium
Laminaria. Online interactive exhibition, ongoing
Laminaria. Performance in festival ‘Theater aan Zee’, Ostend
Generation Y. Groupsshow Art School Manchester, UK
Woven by nature. IMAL, Centre for Digital cultures and technology, Brussels. (solo)
Sensorial Skins, Vrije Universiteit Brussels, PILAR art centre, Brussels (solo)

Oortreders Changing ecologies and changing narratives. Pelt, Limburg, Belgium (solo)
MEAKUSMA x IKOB Museum of contemporary art. Eupen, Belgium (solo)
ElbBienen at Entenwerder, art in public space, Hamburg (solo)
S+T+ARTS – STARTS residencies final event, Le Centquatre, Paris (28-2/1-3)
The New Green Deal, Regional STARTS, Kortrijk (Be) (6/2 – 24/3)

Le 46 Digital, Centre Wallonie-Bruxelles, Paris (16/10-03/12/2019)
Color BioLab KASK, Zwarte Zaal, Gent (18/9-10/10/2019)
Ars Electronica, Oostenrijk, Gluon Gallery (5/9-13/9/2019)
Un/Green, Rixc, Riga (July-September 2019)
Eco-Visionaries, Laboral, Gijon, Spain (May-November 2019)
Buzzing & Humming, Ludwigshafen, Germany (May-July 2019)
Rural Design Week, San Potito Sannitico, Italy (31/5-10/6/2019)

ElbBienen, Art in Public Space (solo project), Hamburg, Germany (May 2019 – July 2020)
leve[n]de kunst, symposium & expo, Paleis der Academieën Brussels, Belgium (April 2019)
Alchimia Nova (solo) at n0dine Brussels (OFF Art Brussels), Belgium (April-May 2019)
Mirage Festival, Lyon, France (April 2019)
For a Brave New Brussels, SongEun ArtSpace, Seoul, South Korea (March-June 2019)
The SciArt project (Resonances III), Digital Week, Milano Triennale, Italy (March 2019)

Eco-Visionaires – HeK (Haus für Elektronischer Kunst), Basel, Switserland (Aug-Nov 2018)
For A Brave New Brussels – MAAT (Museum Art Architecture Technology), Lisbon, Portugal (Aug/Sept. 2018)
Art&Science in Symbiose – Royal Flemish Academy of Belgium for Science and the Arts, Brussels, Belgium (Sept. 2018)
Hybrid Labs – Festival/Conference/Exhibition, Aalto University, Helsinki, Finland (June 2018)
Hiperorganicos – Festival/Symposium/Workshop, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil (May 2018)
Open Bio-Lab (workshop by A.Maes, innovative materials) – Erasmus hogeschool and Gluon (April 2018)
Beehave – Fundació Miró, Barcelona, Spain (Feb-June 2018)

Shapeshifters – Beursschouwburg Brussels, Be (Dec.2017)
NovaXX – St. Gery Brussels, Be (Dec. 2017)
Ars Electronica Cyber Art exhibition, Linz, Austria (Sept.2017)
Resonances II, Museum voor Science and Technology Milano, Italy (Oct. 2017)
Tendencies – Bozar, Brussels, Be (Sept. 2017)
Resonances II, JRC/EU campus Ispra, Italy (Sept. 2017)
‘Ecovention’ – Museum De Domeinen, Sittard, Nl (Sept.2017 – Jan.2018)
Ars Electronica in Berlin, 2017 (July 21 to October 26 2017)
Solo GreyArea/SivaZona gallery, Korcula, Croatia (August 2017)
Talk at TNT – Thinkers and Tinkers /JRC Research Center, Ispra, Italy (TNT is a series of talks with leading scholars on topics related to Technology, Innovation, Maker Culture and DIY Science)
Barcelona Honey Fest: Bee-Talks
Gluon STEAM Labs – open studio workshop and presentation
Resonances II – ISPRA EU European Commission – Joint Research Centre Institute for Environment and Sustainability (workshop + presentation)
FabTextiles – workshop FabLab Barcelona

Sensorial Skin – solo exhibition at Sonicville, Brussels.
Realising Potentials – Arts-based sustainability science (workshop, presentationa and exhibition) – Barcelona, Institute of Catalan Studies.
Bioplastics – workshop for Kunstwerkt/Vakrebellen – at The Wijnpers Leuven.
The Transparent Beehive – presentation for Ecovention Europe at The Domeinen in Sittard (Nl).
Bioplastics (workshop + exhibition) in the International Summerschool on Creativity and Evolution in Games, Language, Robots, Life and Art (Como, Italy).
SciArt/Resonance Workshop, Ispra – Italy.
The Guerilla Beehive project in the neo nomad webproject, curated by Basak Senova and Sapar Contemporary Gallery + Incubator, New York.
the Guerilla Beehive (residency research at Fab Lab Barcelona), research presentation Made@EU project – The Gallery, Plymouth College of Art (September 2016).
the Guerilla Beehive (residency research at Fab Lab Barcelona), research presentation Made@EU project – Fira de Barcelona (June 2016).
the Raw and the Cooked (Transmutations), Installation at the Wissenschaftskolleg zu Berlin (June 2016).
From the Laboratory for Form and Matter, all Objects may be both Green and Small. Installation at Leda.41, Brussels (April/May 2016).
Pop-up Bee Bar Installation at Ancienne Belgique, Brussels (BRDCST festival) (march 2016).
Science Café at Art Laboratory Berlin (Vorspiel Transmediale) (january 2016).

AnneMarie Maes, ACGarden Zagreb, Croatia (november 2015)
Brussels Urban Bee Lab, Renewable Futures Festival + Conference – Riga, Latvia (oktober 2015)
Brussels Urban Bee Lab, Ars Electronica Future Lab – Linz, Austria (september 2015)
Bee Material, 3D BioLab – RICX collaboration, Mons Cultural Capital, Belgium
AnneMarie Maes & the Brussels Urban Bee Lab, Artes@IJCAI (A.I. and the Arts) – exhibition & Conference – Buenos Aires, Argentina (july 2015)
Bee Monitoring Devices and Curious Observations, Institute of Evolutionary Biology Barcelona, Spain – exhibition (may 2015)
AnneMarie Maes & the Brussels Urban Bee Lab, Poppositions Art Fair – Brussels, Belgium (april 2015)
AnneMarie Maes & the Brussels Urban Bee Lab, ALOTOF EU festival , Brussels / Prague / Nantes – (April 2015)

Brussels Urban Bee Lab, URBAN BEEING – školská 28 gallery, Prague, Czech Republic
Sound Bees, anywhere, everywhere, broadcast on Kunstradio Wien, Vienna, Austria
The Invisible Garden, site-specific installation in the Green Light District exhibition, Buda Factory, Kortrijk, Belgium
the Bee Laboratory – the Olfactory, Hasselt, Belgium
Brussels Urban Bee Lab [BUBL] – Art ICT Connect at Beaf, Brussels, Belgium
The Bee Sessions, Innovation Lab – Café Europa, Riga, Latvia
Foraging Fields, Fields Exhibition – Rixc, Riga, Latvia

Transparent Beehive, SCIENTIFIC INQUIRIES – Koç University, Istanbul, Turkey

Bee Laboratory, BURNING ICE – Kaaitheater, Brussels, Belgium
Transparent Beehive, OPEN HOUSE – Collective Workspaces, Brussels, Belgium
Transparent Beehive, TIME INVENTORS KABINET – Okno, Brussels, Belgium
OpenGreens Database, TIME INVENTORS KABINET – Okno, Brussels, Belgium
Transparent Beehive, ART&ICT – Directorate General ICT EU, Brussels, Belgium

Urban Corridors, ON A DIFFERENT SOIL – Yo-Yo, Prague, Czech Republic
Urban Corridors, DESERT NUMERIQUE – Incident, St.Nazaire, France
Urban Corridors, BURNING ICE – Kaaitheater, Brussels, Belgium

Politics of Change, SOFT BORDERS – upgrade, Sao Paulo, Barzil
Politics of Change, HAPPY NEW EARS – Festival van Vlaanderen, Kortrijk, Belgium
Urban Corridors, TAKE YOUR TIME – Esc, Graz, Austria

Politics of Change, IN BETWEEN – Gynaica, Antwerp, Belgium
Politics of Change, PIXELACHE – Muu Art Gallery, Helsinki, Finland
Politics of Change, THE GAME IS UP! – Vooruit, Gent, Belgium

No2Pho, CCNOA gallery, Brussels, Belgium

No2Pho, HAPPY NEW EARS – Festival van Vlaanderen, Kortrijk, Belgium

Art is Politics, RE:ACTIVISM – Sonic Tags, Budapest, Hungary

Essential Emptiness (People Database), BEURSSCHOUWBURG, Brussels, Belgium

Hiding#1 (People Database), JONCTIONS – Foton, Brussels, Belgium
Entretien Infini#2 (People Database), ENERGY – Culture Bxl, Brussels, Belgium
Memory 754.0 (People Database), VIVIER – St.Lucas, Brussels, Belgium
Entretien Infini#1 (People Database), GROOT BESCHRIJF, Brussels, Belgium

Bureau Déplacé (People Database), ICI ET MAINTENANT – Espace 254 Nord, Brussels, Belgium
People Database, CORPS ET ESPACE, Brussels, Belgium
Closed Circuit#3 (People Database), LOOKING GLASS, Brussels, Belgium

People Database, ADDICT!, Brussels, Belgium
Closed Circuits#2 (People Database), BOUWMEESTER – Boudewijngebouw, Brussels, Belgium
People Database, MIRROR MIRROR – Matrix Art Project, New York, USA
People Database, LOOKING GLASS, Brussels, Belgium

People Database, VEEARTSENIJ PROJECT, Gent, Belgium


Closed Circuits#2 (People Database), BOUWMEESTER – Boudewijngebouw, Brussels, Belgium


The Bee Laboratory, SCIENCE FESTIVAL – Barcelona City Labs, Barcelona, Spain

No2Pho, RADIO TOWERS EXCHANGE – Rixc, Riga, Latvia
No2Pho, TRANSNATIONAL ECOLOGIES (connected performance) , USA, Europe, Australia

No2Pho, ALTITUDE-X – Recyclart, Brussels, Belgium
No2Pho, ART’s BIRTDAY – okno, Brussels, Belgium

People Database, Machinic Soundpoetry – nadine, Brussels, Belgium

Art is Politics (People Database), PARC CORBUSIER -code 31, Nantes, France
Art is Politics (People Database), MATRIX ART PROJECT, Brussels, Belgium
Art is Politics (People Database), ART’S BIRTHDAY, looking glass, Brussels, Belgium

People Database Poetry Reading, Salon Privé, Brussels, Belgium


Gluon STEAM Labs – open studio workshop and presentation
Resonances II – ISPRA EU European Commission – Joint Research Centre Institute for Environment and Sustainability (workshop + presentation)
FabTextiles – workshop FabLab Barcelona

Resonance II – ISPRA EU European Commission – Joint Research Centre
Institute for Environment and Sustainability (workshop + presentation)
Como Summerschool on Creativity – Como, Italy
Science Café, Art Laboratory Berlin (lecture + workshop)

Renewable Futures Festival, RIXC, Riga (lecture + workshop)
Mons, café Europa (workshop)
Making the Invisible Visible, Kontejner Zagreb (lecture)
Resonances – ISPRA EU European Commission – Joint Research Centre Institute for Environment and Sustainability (workshop)
STARTS (science, technology & the arts) – EU/Bozar, Brussel (lecture)
ALOTOF Festival (lecture)

Philosophy of Enthousiasm, KASK Gent (in collaboration with Prof. Luc Steels), hosted by Lukas Pairon
Urban Ecologies, Café Europa Container – Innovation Lab, Riga Lativia
Foraging Fields, RIXC art&science Innovation Lab, Riga, Latvia
Transparent Beehive Project, PCP St. Nazaire, France
Transparent Beehive Project, Stanford University, Palo Alto, USA
Transparent Beehive Project, Boulder University, Boulder, Colorado

The Bee Laboratory, IAAC, Green FabLab Barcelona, Spain
Urban Corridors, 3rd Nature Symposium, Scanz, New Zealand
Urban Corridors, the Green Rush, Transmediale Berlin, Germany

Urban Corridors, Luca Art School, Brussels, Belgium
The Bee Laboratory, University of Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain
Urban Corridors, Sideways Festival, Brussels, Belgium
The Bee Laboratory, Critical Art Ensemble, Documenta 13 Kassel, Germany

The Bee Laboratory, University Gent/Ipem, Gent, Belgium
Urban Corridors, Line Art, Skopje, Macedonia
Urban Corridors, Upgrade, Zagreb, Croatia
Urban Corridors, Film Festival, Dortmund, Germany

Urban Corridors, Ready to Change, Llubljana, Slovenia
Politics of Change, Mal au Pixel, Paris, France

Politics of Change, Pixelache festival, Helsinki, Finland
Politics of Change, Tipping Point – EU Climate Conference, Brussels, Belgium

Shifting Metropolis, Upgrade Chain Reaction, Skopje, Macedonia
Politics of Change, Camp, Mumbai/Delhi, India


The Bee Laboratory, Complex Systems Digital Campus, Unitwin – Unesco, ICCSA’14 – Le Havre, France

Politics of Change/ Mahila, MMCamp, Dubrovnik, Croatia
Politics of Change/ Mahila, SIC – les Brigitinnes, Brussels, Belgium
Politics of Change/ Mahila, Netwerk, Aalst, Belgium
Politics of Change/ Mahila, Finnish Embassy, Damascus, Syria
Politics of Change/ Mahila, University ETC festival, Umea, Sweden

People Database (slowscan transmission), Spreakers Corner – Muhka, Antwerp, Belgium

People Database (online project), Artefact, Leuven, Belgium

People Database (online project), Argos festival, Brussels, Belgium
Trade Routes, Camouflage – Moving Image, Brussels, Belgium