The Urban ArtFarm is an experimental station for Urban Agriculture. It researches and analyses the pro and contra’s of growing food in the city on rooftops of bigger buildings, with the help of green DIY technology. How does a rooftop ecosystem deal with energy, water, soil and green technology? What does the project represent financially? How do plants and animals (city honeybees) interact with this artificial ecosystem?
UAF (Urban ArtFarm) is an open air laboratory that interacts with the city. The base station is built on connected rooftops in the historical center of Brussels, connections or nodes to this location can be setup on any other rooftop that is suitable for the purpose. The groundlevel location of UAF is the place on the Brussels’map where a network of medieval market places and monasteries intermingle. The Urban ArtFarm, set on the 6th floorlevel of this place, on the roof of a parking lot, is a place where artists and urban gardeners can develop new strategies for sustainable living in the city. An artistic approach, green DIY technology and a permaculture philosophy should present new opportunities to the citizens to connect to food, food security and sustainability.

AM-beekeeping st.katelijne topshot-UAF-close
Saint Catherine square in the center of Brussels, 14th century monastery gardens and today’s parking lot rooftops