20/01/2022: KI CULTURE: Valentina Bianchi interviews AnneMarie Maes for KI, Amsterdam.
16/02/2022: EMBODIED BODIES, a workshop for PARTS-students
18/02/2022: BEE AGENCY: AnneMarie Maes talks about her project on Duuu Radio, Paris
24/03-07/04/2022: CONNECT2NATURE: workshop series for 2Spaces (Arteconomy & iDrops)
12/04/2022: RENCONTRE ART|SCIENCE, UNIL/La Grange, Lausanne
03/06/2022: a BEE is a BEE is a BEE.. Performance Palais de Tokyo, Paris.
10-19/06/2022: HORTUS CONCLUSUS dans Heures Sauvages, Centre Wallonie Bruxelles|Paris
19/06/2022-29/11/2022: The TRANSPARENT BEEHIVE in Biotopia. Le Pavillon, Namur.
27/6/2022: start residency University Strasbourg Lab Microbiology X Kunsthalle Mulhouse
6/7/2022: Presentation HAMBURG MACHINE PUBLICATION, Hamburg
6/8/2022: ENTANGLED LOVE, performance in a Seat for the Sea #5, TAZ 2022 Oostende
12/9/2022: start residency TextielLab Tilburg (Nl)
15/2/2023 – 30/4/2023: solo expo Kunsthalle Mulhouse (Fr)
05/4/2023 – 24/06/2023: EdenWorld expo au BelOrdinaire, Pau (Fr)


the Transparent Beehive, a performative installation with focus on the non-human. Biotopia, Namur (Be) – 18/6/2022 – 27/12/2022

‘Since 2009, I am observing the behaviour of honey bees with non-intrusive technology and bio-technology. I see the bees as cyborgs, beings with both organic and biomechatronic body parts. Their bodies have a very strong relationship to technology, and at the same time a very strong relationship to the Earth. They also represent metamorphosis. They bring together the human and the non-human, the organic and the technological, freedom and structure, history and myth, nature and culture in unexpected ways.
Honey bees introduced me to complex new relationships with nature, suggesting new ways to coexist with other species and with the environment. They made me realise we should go beyond anthropocentrism. We should celebrate a new communion with the non-human and with the Earth. Cultivate a sense of kinship between species, between the organic and the inorganic, between the animate and the inanimate. They thaught me to reconnect our devided relation with nature and with our own bodies.’
This approach made emerge affinities between different artistic methods and practices, that in turn were creating new layers of meaning and generating new narratives that are built around forms of symbiosis, solidarity and sisterhood.’


Performance ‘Entangled Love’, op 6 augustus 2022 tijdens TAZ2022 in Kaap Oostende, als deel van aSeatfortheSea.com

In de performance ‘Entangled Love’ onderzoekt AnneMarie Maes de grens tussen sapiens en fauna. Laminaria schetst mogelijke toekomsten in een nieuwe bio/techno/natuurlijke wereld, een universum dat tegelijk terrestrisch en aquatisch is, een voorwaarde voor toekomstige coëxistentie. In deze tuin van mariene geneugten verkent ons ecologisch bewustzijn de speculatieve tijd die zich voordoet in de vorm van een lus. Kan een mens verstrikt raken in een erotische verstrengeling met Laminaria? Wijzen wij de slijmerige substantie van Fucus spiralis af of omarmen wij deze materie wanneer die als een membraan van ruimte-tijd om ons lichaam geweven wordt? Ervaren we de samenwerking met organismen uit de zee als transformerend, regenererend, transmuterend? Als een mogelijke en hernieuwbare toekomst die eindeloos meandert, ons meesleept in haar vruchtbare diepten, ons een toekomstige archeologie onthult? Blijven wij verbonden in een proces van eeuwige wording, in een energiestroom van toekomstige volmaaktheid, belichaming van duizend vormen die voor ons leefden?



AnneMarie Maes is an artist and researcher who has been active as an independent professional artist since 1999, and as founder and coordinator of several artist collectives. Her work is built on 3 strands: 1. through her deep concern for socio-ecological issues, she creates artworks that stimulate social change, this in the tradition of Joseph Beuys and the Fluxus movement. 2. For many of her projects she uses DIY bio/technology that she develops and integrates in collaboration with fab labs and university research labs. 3. She challenges conventional forms of artistic expression by combining traditional media with living organisms (mainly bees, bacteria and algae). She focuses hereby on the process, working with organically evolving elements and generating an art that creates itself. These 3 action areas translate into 3 long-term projects: Connected OpenGreens, Bee Agency and the Lab for Form and Matter.

AnneMarie was a fellow in international art/science programs, has written articles and academic papers and has published several publications on her work. She realized artworks commissioned for public space, as ‘Closed Circuits’ (Vlaamse Gemeenschap, Brussels) and ‘Elbe Bienen’ for the art in public space program of the city of Hamburg (De). She was awarded several prizes and mentions in prestigeous festivals as Ars Electronica among others. AnneMarie Maes has exhibited widely as a solo-artist and in group exhibitions in prestigious musea, galleries, public spaces and art-science festivals in many EU countries, the Americas and Asia.
Key museum exhibitions include at Bozar (Brussels, BE), National Arts Museum (Latvia), Borges Cultural Center (Buenos Aires, Argentinia), Domeinen (Sittard, NL), Science and Technology Museum (Milan, IT), Museu do Amanha (Rio de Janeiro, Brasil), Fundacio Miro (Barcelona, ES), Haus der Elektronische Kunste, (Basel, CH), IMAL (Brussels, BE), IKOB Museum of Contemporary art (Eupen, BE), Laboral (Gijon, ES), Museum for Art and Architecture – MAAT (Lisbon, PO), amongst others.
Important festival participations include Ars-Electronica (Linz, AU), Transmediale (Berlin, DE), Mirage Festival (Lyon, FR), PIKSEL (Bergen, NO), Resonances (Ispra, IT).
Gallery shows include at Sapar Contemporary Art (New York), Silva Zona (Korcula, Croatia), Koç University Gallery (Istambul), Skolska Gallery (Prague), PILAR Free University Gallery (Brussels, BE), Wissenschaftskolleg (Berlin,BE), Emergent (Veurne, BE), SongEun ArtSpace (Seoul, South Korea).


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