Anne Marie Maes is a multidisciplinary artist who lives and works in Brussels. Her practice combines art and science, with a particular interest in biotechnology, ecosystems and alchemical processes, and she works with a range of biological, digital and traditional media, including living organisms. On the roof of her studio in Brussels, she has created an outdoor laboratory and experimental garden where she studies symbiotic organisms and the processes nature uses to create form. Her long-term projects “Bee Agency” and “Laboratory for Form and Matter,” in which she experiments with organic matter, provide a framework that has inspired a wide range of artworks, all at the intersection of art and ecology, hereby stimulating ecological change in the tradition of Joseph Beuys and the Fluxus movement. For many of her projects she uses DIY bio/technology that she develops and integrates in collaboration with fab labs and university research labs. She challenges conventional forms of artistic expression by combining traditional media with living organisms (mainly bees, bacteria and algae). She focuses hereby on the process, generating an art that creates itself.


matéria murmurante at Casa de Mateus (Pt), from 15.11.2023 to 30.04.2024



AnneMarie Maes is an artist and researcher who has been active as an independent professional artist since 1999, and as founder and coordinator of several artist collectives.
AnneMarie was a fellow in international art/science programs, has written articles and academic papers and has published several publications on her work. She realized artworks commissioned for public space, as ‘Closed Circuits’ (Vlaamse Gemeenschap, Brussels) and ‘Elbe Bienen’ for the art in public space program of the city of Hamburg (De). She was awarded several prizes and mentions in prestigeous festivals as Ars Electronica among others. AnneMarie Maes has exhibited widely as a solo-artist and in group exhibitions in prestigious musea, galleries, public spaces and art-science festivals in many EU countries, the Americas and Asia.
Key museum exhibitions include at Bozar (Brussels, BE), Palais de Tokyo (Paris, France), National Arts Museum (Latvia), Borges Cultural Center (Buenos Aires, Argentinia), Domeinen (Sittard, NL), Science and Technology Museum (Milan, IT), Museu do Amanha (Rio de Janeiro, Brasil), Fundacio Miro (Barcelona, ES), Haus der Elektronische Kunste, (Basel, CH), Centre Wallonie Bruxelles à Paris (Paris, Fr), IMAL (Brussels, BE), IKOB Museum of Contemporary art (Eupen, BE), Laboral (Gijon, ES), Museum for Art and Architecture – MAAT (Lisbon, PO), amongst others.
Important festival participations include Ars-Electronica (Linz, AU), Transmediale (Berlin, DE), Mirage Festival (Lyon, FR), PIKSEL (Bergen, NO), Resonances (Ispra, IT).
Gallery shows include at Sapar Contemporary Art (New York), Silva Zona (Korcula, Croatia), Koç University Gallery (Istambul), Skolska Gallery (Prague), PILAR Free University Gallery (Brussels, BE), Wissenschaftskolleg (Berlin,BE), AHWNN (Ostend, Be), Emergent (Veurne, BE), SongEun ArtSpace (Seoul, South Korea), La Kunsthalle (Mulhouse, France)

Casa de Mateus, residency and exhibition. 15.11.2023 – 30.04.2024

Artist Statement: “My rooftop garden is my laboratory. It is my training ground to develop my creativity, and it enables me to have an active dialogue with living material. It is a space where thinking and manual work go hand in hand. It connects the visible with the invisible and brings together making and performing. My art research is based on a collaboration with living organisms such as plants, insects and bacteria. I research the natural networks and dynamic ecosystems they are part of. The resulting artworks have their own behavior, metabolism and agency. The installations and sculptures grow, communicate, sense, smell and react. They are evolving performances where each installation has its own lifetime, creating a landscape on the border between natural life and science fiction.’



01/12/22-04/12/22: residency and presentation at Mateus Labs (Vila Real, Portugal)
16/2/2023 – 30/4/2023: ALCHIMIA NOVA. Solo expo Kunsthalle Mulhouse (Fr)
17/3/2023 – 15/4/2023: Let’s Fill this Town with Artists – gallery show at AHWNN, Oostende
17/3/2023 – 8/5/2023 SYMBIOSIUM / Cosmologies speculatives, expo + performance CWB/Paris hors les murs at Fondation Fiminco
30/4/2023: Colloque Art/Science + performance at the Kunsthalle Mulhouse
05/4/2023 – 24/06/2023: EDEN WORLD au BelOrdinaire, Pau (Fr)
17/04/2023 – 23/04/2023: workshop 1 (setting up a biolab) at MATEUS Labs (Vila Real,Pt)
22/04/2023: Earth Day – performances at Fondation Fiminco Paris, Symbiosium
27/4/2023 – 18/5/2021: ‘Les Futurs’ – Le Cube, ISEA2023 Paris (Fr)
16-17/05/2023: Colloque OCEAN / ESPACE / OCEAN – Makery Paris, as part of ISEA2023
23/5/2023 – 29/05/2023: workshop 2 (fermenting, organic dyeing) at MATEUS Labs (Vila Real,Pt)
02/06/2023 – 04/06/2023: FESTIVAL DE L’HISTOIRE DE L’ART, Chateau de Fontainebleau (Fr)
03/06/2023: POINT EPHEMERE, Paris (ISEA2023 – Nuit Blanche)
04/06/2023 – 20/08/2023: residency and exhibition SECOND NATURE at 10N Menorca
04/07/2023 – 10/07/2023: workshop 3 (felting, biotextiles) at MATEUS Labs (Vila Real,Pt)
15/11/2023 – 30/04/2024: MATERIA MURMURANTE, solo exhibition at Casa de Mateus, Pt
18/11/20223 – 13/01/2024: WILD RENAISSANCE, curated by G. Logé at Galerie JOUSSE, Paris
03/12/2023: Garden of Knowledge for BILDNIS in MuZee, Oostende


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