improvisation for 2 veggie winter tagines

Tagine recipies with vegetables from the season – some of them straight from our city rooftop garden:
take 2 tagine cookers, a 31cm one and a 25cm one. Soak them for some moments in water.
Ingredients for the smallest tagine pot, in chronological order: virgin olive oil, ginger powder, cardemom pods, sliced onions, sliced parsnip, potatoes, pepper, seasalt, thyme and suffuse with a little bit of water. Turn the fire low, check the moistness regularly.
Put following ingredients in chronological order in the bigger pot : virgin olive oil, freshly picked sage (whole twigs), thyme, seasalt and black pepper, sliced onions, garden beans, 10 garlic cloves, 10 fresh dates, homemade honey, brussels sprouts, beetroot and suffuse with a bit of water. Turn the fire low and stir once in a while.