the BeeArcHive : they did it!

A long story, the bee arcHive stories. A book beeHive that over time transformed into an OpenStructures bee arcHive. A subtle sonorisation of the life ij the hive.
Yesterday afternoon and night we’ve transfered young bees from 3 different hives into the sculpture hive. Late, in the evening, we’ve brought them a beautiful queen with some more adult foraging bees. They were all very exited. Flying around, bumping into each other and into the glass.
The next morning, none of them has found the exit yet. The tube. A 90 degrees obstacle. The only way out to the foraging fields.
But with a little help from the beekeeper – a simple little trick to make them focus on the spot of the tube by obscuring the rest of the hive – finally the first bee crossed the tunnel! An emotional moment. And once one bee has trespassed, she can tell her sisters. In no time the tunnel was filled with bees, looking for the outside world. A lot of buzz and excitement.
Beautiful to see, a nice story … to be continued …