Wired Cities: recycled and mobile architecture

Wired Cities is a project on non-linear storytelling, exploring the city as a balanced and tactile ecological system.
The map of the city is erased and reconstructed from scratch.
How do artists experience a specific city? Edifices, old and new, that are considered landmarks can be reconstructed and arranged along one’s architectural fantasies. Old and new stories weave maps of collective memories. Analog and digital input are mixed. New skylines emerge out of folding architecture. Photographs and movies become new textures.
Soundscapes and bits of spoken word and written text complete the story of the emerging city.

A city is a construction in space over a long timespan. All experiences are related, all senses are mixed. Stories, sounds and visuals are contextualised into a dynamic database. The growth of the city is a continuous succession of phases.
There is the mental image of the city, and the legible image of the city. The readable image is grouped in parts and organised in patterns. The mental image is an image of the city perceived by its inhabitants.