chain reaction : upgrade! skopje

The third international Upgrade gathering will be taking place in Skopje, Macedonia, September 11-14, 2008.

Chain Reaction is the annual exhibition and symposium presented by the Upgrade! International organization for 2008. The gathering, which will involve curators and artists from the Upgrade nodes that are working in 27 cities, and which is aimed at both fostering inter-network communication and collaboration as well as exposure of art and ideas to a broad public audience. In Skopje the gathering incorporates an exhibition, symposium and publication as well as a programme of screenings and performances.

The theme is reflective on one hand of the propagation of Upgrade itself – a distributed, worldwide network composed of autonomous cities – and on the other hand as a theoretical provocation to the fundamental question of interactivity and response in art and media art practice.

The gathering is being co-produced by five Upgrade nodes Upgrade Skopje, Upgrade Belgrade, Upgrade Berlin, Upgrade Sofia, and Upgrade Istanbul.