connected OpenGreen catalog – COGC

The Okno participation in Burning Ice #4 consists of an OpenGreens Exchange Corner. The trading basis is the Connected OpenGreen Catalog … this is a book to be written in a collaborative way. It lists all goods and services that can be exchanged between OpenGreen users.
The maquette of the book is the basis for the discussions in the OpenGreens exchange corner, and the shared information and services cover different urban topics.
You can consider the book as a manual/proposition for living in the cities in a different way …
If we want to alter our habits, we’ll have to change our ideas on what is most essential and necessary in our lives. We’ll have to break with the common rules, deviate from the norm and create dynamic structures. Therefore we’ll use temporary places as the OpenGreens.

Six tents and a car together form a temporary zone for social and economic change. A group of artists have been invited by Radical_Hope (Heike Langsdorf) to set up this out-of-the-ordinary “camp”. On Monday January 17 everyone is welcome to come and learn to erect the hexayurts. A hexayurt is a special kind of tent, designed by Vinay Gupta as incredibly cheap shelter for those in need. You can then stay and get involved in the week-long process of action that aims to generate ideas: ideas about new ways of organising work, urban food production, alternative energy management, innovative financing schemes and so on. As from 5 January you can programme your own activities as part of Changing Tents by adding them to the Changing Agenda: