Coriolus versicolor – elfenbankje

Coriolus versicolor is a common polypore mushroom which can be found throughout the world. Versicolor means ‘of several colours’ and it is true that this mushroom is found in a wide variety of different colours. Coriolus versicolor is commonly called Turkey Tail because of its resemblance to the tail of the wild turkey. It is recognized as a medicinal mushroom in Chinese medicine under the name yun zhi. In China and Japan Coriolus versicolor is used as an immunoadjuvant therapy for cancer.
Coriolus versicolor helps also for an upcoming cold or influenza. Make a (bitter) tea with 30g dried mushrooms and boiling water. Drink 2 liter of the tea spread over 2 days.
The Agaricus bisporus is the common mushroom that comes in white or light brown variations. The one on the picture is cultivated in a shoe box, just to study the daily growth in wintertime, and for its beautiful atom/elektron shapes!