the high fens – de hoge venen

The High Fens (Hoge Venen), were declared a nature reserve in 1957. It’s a plateau region in the province of Liège, in the east of Belgium.
The reserve is ecologically rich part of Belgium, covered with alpine sphagnum bogs both on the plateau and in valley basin. The bogs, which are over 10.000 years old, with their unique subalpine flora, fauna and microclimate, are key to the conservation work of the park.
The heathers and turf moors in the reserve have a significant role to maintain biodiversity for the rare and threatened flora and fauna as it ensures regulation of the water balance and maintains value of the landscape.

Molinia caerulea (pijpenstrootje)
Nardus stricta (borstelgras)
Carex rostrata (snavelzegge)
Carex canescens (zompzegge)
Erica tetralix (gewone dophei)
Calluna vulgaris (struikhei)

Reishi mushrooms? needs determination
Blechnum fern? (needs determination)