honeybee attacked by a varroa mite

[flashvideo filename=https://so-on.annemariemaes.net/SO-ON/OpenGreen/bee-varroa.flv height=262 width=448 image=https://so-on.annemariemaes.net/SO-ON/OpenGreen/bee-varroa.jpg /]

During a check of the hives, I found this young workerbee just next to the flighthole. The t° being below 10°, I guess she was hit by the cold. She seemed more dead than alive, and I decided to take her inside for an inspection under the microscope. While filming, a varroamite fell out of her thorax-fur. The young bee got more lively again, due to the warmth of the microscope lights. I put her in front of the flighthole, and she nicely walked into the hive again. I destroyed the dirty varroa mite.
Varroa is still a huge problem for hive#01. Some 30 mites a week are dropping down, even after a treatment with Thymovar. I’ll have to look into another solution if I don’t want to lose the colony. The 4 other colonies (2 at so-on’s and 2 at okno’s Open Green) are healthy.