honeybee observatory 02

jar with honey jar with honey cells filled with honey closed cells containing the bees to be born crushed structure, honey drip
double sided frame, structured double sided frame, structured cells structure cells filled with hoeny and pollen cells filled with honey and pollen
unconventional constructions hanging on the cover of the hive wild constructing bees on the rooftop build in 1 day
the new queen larve another unconventional construction first harvest honey drips first harvest

As the upper part (honey harvesting part) of the hive was set without frames, the bees started to build their own wax constructions for storing the honey.
The three constructions, hanging from the cover of the hive, were build over a period of 48 hours.
The first honey of this unconventional hive was harvested beginning of july, good for ± 3kgs of pure gold!