media ecologies continued …

With the urban garden project we want to blend the natural and the digital world in one and the same eco-system. Can natural evolution be generated, controlled, enhanced or imagined in artworks? Is our environment programmable? How does the fusion of natural and artificial matter produce new organisms, new environments, new natures? How does technology animate nature and space, and how do users and programs animate matter?

workshop — part1 : the natural setting/ designing the urban garden
friday, march 6 – 10 am @ okno

This is a collaboration!

Part I: the natural setting (the urban garden, permaculture)
Can we talk about ‘permaculture’, as an intrinsic part of this media-ecological system? What is Permaculture? Permaculture is about designing human environments that have the stability, diversity and resilience of natural ecosystems. Permaculture integrates renewable energy systems, energy efficiency, food/gardening systems, natural building, rainwater harvesting, urban planning along with the economic, political and social policies that make sustainable living possible and practical.

Part II: the digital artworks (virtual nature integrated in mesh networks)
We explore the implementation of eco-garden-elements into wireless networks, both on micro level as on city level. We research the physical connections between people, programs, sensor-networks and uses of the eco-garden.