mobile architecture

Some musings of Villém Flusser on the freedom of the migrant and new ways of building houses:

Flusser’s ideas about communication and identity have their roots in the concept of recognizing the other through self-determination and self-realization.
Becoming human is achieved through being thrown in an abyss of absurdity an then turning this devastating and painful experience into the liberating task of creating meaning by consciously connecting with self-chosen partners.

Architects must stop thinking geographically and begin to conceptualize topologically.
A house should be conceived of no longer as an artificial cave but rather as a bending in the field of interpersonal relations. A creative house would be a node in the network of interpersonal relations.

The weaving of a secret code, a transformation of adventure into habit and this hallowing of habit remains charged with excitement. The network being woven stays open.
The reversibility of network wiring: no bundled cables, no one-way information.
People would no longer be able to duck and hide, and they would have neither foundation nor support. They would have no other choice but to extend a hand to others.
These mutually open houses would spawn an unimaginable abundance of projects.
They would be networklike switched projectors for alternative worlds that all humankind would hold in common.

(Villém Flusser : The freedom of the Migrant)