Move for a Day is taking place during the Micronomics Festival in Brussels. Therefore some non-profit organiations, buisnesses and micro-initiatives will swap their work places with each other.

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gentse stw sur mesure richbond junior&balt-05 junior&balt-01
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5 minutes movie made by Indymedia on the move1day-activities:

(click the image to link to the indymedia site).

More information can be downloaded on David Helbich’s blog.
A slideshow of the event we be presented at Micronomics festival.
More pictures about the Movie1Day-project:, select move1day-album.

Not all moves are immediate visible for an outside-audience, but some ‘moves’ are … even very much!
So, if you want to see other working during your own lunch break, have a walk in this directions:

At 14h a sofa will be moved in a kind of procession from Chaussee de Gand/ Gentsesteenweg 17 (shop is called Richbond, where OKNO sits in the shop window and BRUT in front in another…) to the Festival Center of Micronomics (15 minutes). We might need help.

Between 10h30-15h30 you are invited for info and a drink in Rue Marcqstraat 17, where HalfenHalf is working at CAMELIA.