Open Archives, Active Archives?

On Friday 10 december Constant continues to interrogate the active potential of online media archives. After a short introduction to the work done at Active Archives* so far, Michael Murtaugh tours us through the Active Archives Video Wiki software he is developing.
We will than speak with Pieter Geenen about his work-in-progress using the Active Archives system to experiment with displacement, both in text and image. We also invited Annemie Maes to present, “an online archive of densely text-annotated video material, primarily footage and not-finished films”, and she will explain how it is being employed in the OKNO project The Time Inventor’s Kabinet.
Last but not least, Peter Westenberg demonstrates how and why he worked on multiple transcriptions/translations using the Active Archives Video Wiki. We’ll conclude the evening with a toast to the pre-release of the AA software: a developers version is available for testing as of this weekend.