OpenGreens : adopt-a-bee plan!

Bees are an essential link in our food- and flora ecosystem. They pollinate a third of what we eat.The loss of biodiversity threatens the survival of the bees.Due to monocultures and pesticides the bees get weaker and they become more sensitive to bee diseases as varroase and colony collapse disorder.

The biodiversity of the city -the balconies, parks, streets, wastelands and city gardens- shapes a perfect foraging area for the creation of a superb and delicate honey from the neighborhoods of the Kanal and the inner-city.

By buying a pot of Brussels OpenGreens honey, you foster a cluster of our Brussels honeybees and become a privileged member of okno’s bee-plan.

On the attached form, you can make a choice of the hive you want to foster. The OpenGreens beekeepers will tell you the whole story of the 2011 bee-season.You will be invited to bee classes for beginners and you can follow the development of a bee colony in our observation hives.You can participate in a seedballing-for-honeybees workshop and do some native wildflower seedbombing in the city.You can join our Brussels neighborhoods walks in search of honey trees and honey plants, and discover your city through bees-eyes.

Please fill the attached form and send it to :