OpenGreens – actions & recipies for a sustainable city

How sustainable is the city?
Can we provide for our own food, our own energy, our own media ecology?
Can we grow a selection of fruits and vegetables in rooftop gardens or collect wild edible plants in wastelands and on building sites – enough to live on?
Are you interested to start your own OpenGreen, on your balcony, your rooftop or your window sill?
Come and talk to us, we can advise you on how to set up green patches in unusual places … and get the best out of it.
You can find all information on OpenGreens in the first edition of our OpenGreens catalog, download the catalog here:

And on the flickr page below you can visit an overview of the participation of okno’s OpenGreens in the Changing Tents Village of the Burning Ice#4 festival – rehearsals for a changing world.

Good Afternoon!
We are in 2025. We know by now that there has been a one week settlement here, at the Quay des Péniches 2, 14 years ago.
After 7 days, everybody was gone. We know by now that on the 6th day, on saturday 22 of january 2011, a big crisis appeared which caused a moment of panic and despair. Short after, people were recognizing that the alarm were false. There was a party whole night long.
We don’t know what happened the next morning and early afternoon. We only know that everybody and everything was gone by sunday 23 january 16:00 in the afternoon.
We invite you to now have a look together with us on what was going on.
Feel welcome to the future!
Step in, and please note: you will enter a recorded situation as soon as you step into CHANGING TENTS.
[radical_hope, Brussels – january 2011]

Read here the collapse text, written by Jacob Wren and read by Katja Dreyer.
More Changing Info: