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Woman in pink with a covered head is joined by her husband. They stand next to each other and are then asked to sit down by camera person. Children in the background.
Husband and wife sort packets of plastic bags inside their home as their grand children watch television in the background. Another man comes to help them out. He takes a stack of packets, walks outside the house and loads them onto the cycle. Various zoom ins to the piles of plastic. 00:03:20.000 to 00:03:58.0
– Do you also help him?
– Yes.
– Actually, I have to go back to my village.
– She’s asking you (the wife) if you help him sort the bags.
– Yes (laughing).
– So then help him instead of hiding behind him.
– Yes! That’s it!
– Take those other bags out.
– Is he putting those (bags) on the cycle?
– Yes.

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