PoC – okno/brussels – 18.19.20-12-2008

Politics of Change is a research project in which artists, theorists and activists reflect on innovative ideas, contributions and solutions which support distributed and grassroot structures. This reflection takes place through a program of free discussion and dialogue and is documented in a multimedia archive-installation.

The focus is on the role of women at the core of these communities.
Drawing on a wide range of artistic and theoretical approaches, the aim is to imagine new and sustainable relationships between humans, their environments and (appropriate) technologies.

program (closed sessions):
thursday 18/12 – 12pm-5pm – reflection through free discussion
° gender and activism (casestudy: This is Jenin)
° non-traditional education formats (casestudy: Solar Engineers of Barefoot College)
friday 19/12 – 12pm-5pm – reflection through free discussion
° social and ethical approach (casestudy: Bamako)
° non-traditional economical formats (SHG and micro-loans, casestudy: Pradan)
satuday 20/12 – 12pm-5pm
° conclusions, wrapping up and setup for public presentations

program (public sessions):
thursday 18/12 – 8pm
° film projection ’20 fingers’ – director Mania Akbari (Iran, 2004)
friday 19/12 – 8pm
° film projection ‘The day I became a Woman’ – director Marzieh Makhmalbaf (Iran, 2000)
saturday 19/12 – 6pm till 8.30pm
°public presentations and artistic interventions by the participants (project presentations, videos and installations, performance, creative databases, …)

with the collaboration of:
Ana Valdés (UY/SE), Klara Chastan (FR), Lore Vandewalle (BE), Marthe Van Dessel (BE), Shelbatra Jashari (KO/BE), Wendy Van Weynsberghe (BE), Sarah Kesenne (BE), Nathalie Fougeras (FR), Katrien Oosterlink (BE), Helena De Groot (BE), Goedele Verleysen (BE), Jasna Dimitrovska (MK), Lipika Bansal (IN/NL), Annemie Maes (BE).

when – 18/19 and 20 december 2008
where – OKNO Koolmijnenkaai 30 Brussel 1080 – 2nd floor
how – metro 1A en 1B (Graaf van Vlaanderen) and Tram 51 (Vlaamse Poort/Porte de Flandre)
info – http://thoughtsandtalks.so-on.be and http://okno.be
with the support of the ‘Vlaamse Gemeenschap’ and the ‘VGC’ (Vlaamse Gemeenschapscommissie).