designs for an edible forest garden on a rooftop

Snowy days are over, the bees are flying out again and we started with the preparations for the built-up of the rooftopgarden. An edible garden. 300m2 on the 6th floor -on top of a parkinglot- in the center of the city. A natural environment built-up in an artificial way, a semi-controlled ecosystem, a shelter for birds and bees, an experimental zone for urban agriculture.
Trees, schrubs and vergetables will be put together in different layers so that they work harmoniously in relation to each other and to their environment. The rooftop offers a microclimate which is ideal for permaculture approaches. All trees, tall and small shrubs and other plants have edible berries. Land, animals and people, light and shade are taken into account. All materials used are selected on their cradle to cradle aspects and their sustainability. We also take mobility of the elements into account to calculate the carbon footprint. Waterharvesting and green energy are at the basis of the system, and the selection of plants is chosen to be beneficial as well for the people as for the bees and the birds.

1.rooftopgarden 2.tuin_overzicht 3.substraat_layers-s 4.cottage_plan 5.preps_cottage
(design by Wim Collet/ Natuurlijk & Annemie Maes)