preparing the OpenGreensGraz

Next week we have the first public presentation of our OpenGreens database. This will happen at ESC in Graz, Austria – our partner in the TIK/ EU project.

The Connected OpenGreens project is a collective OKNO project.
COG is a project around marginal zones [in the city] where culture and nature overlap and enter into a symbiotic relationship.
The project researches different bottom up approaches for designing green human environments that have the stability and diversity of natural ecosystems.
In the COG database we keep scrutinuously track of the monitoring of these ecosystems. We insert technology in the gardens and take a closer look on how the fusion of natural and artificial matter produces new natures.
The COG database is initiated by Annemie Maes spring 2010, the first public presentation took place in Graz, Austria, march 2011.

Database concept & structure: Annemie Maes & Danielle Roberts
Database design: Annemie Maes and Danielle Roberts
Frontend design & code: Danielle Roberts
Backend design & code: Balthazar de Tonnac
Voronoi code: Lee Byron
Adaped by: Marcio Dominguez
Intern: Jozef Devos
Production: Annemie Maes for OKNO vzw
The Connected OpenGreens database is part of the ‘Time Inventors’ Kabinet’ – a transdisciplinary project setup in the framework of EU-culture, with the partners OKNO, ESC and Col-me.