2019 – CABINET #004: FUTURE ARCHAEOLOGY, Seoul – Korea

In the bio-art installation Cabinet #004: Future Archaeology (The Temporal Duration Through Which The Future Is Founded In The Present) AnneMarie Maes presents a Cabinet of Curiosities, a ‘Wunderkammer’. She appropriates archaeological and other scientific methods of collecting and ordering for the presentation of diverse artefacts. Every object presented on the laboratory tables is the outcome of a particular experiment. The bizarre biomorphic artefacts add a specific rhythm to the installation, but they stand in stark contrast to the strict geometry of the laboratory architecture bathing in pink light: hard and soft oppose each other. In her work AnneMarie Maes adapts scientific methods and biotechnology to explore living systems as artistic subjects. Recently she started a new research project that explores the creation of bio-plastics made by bacteria and algae. Besides being an alternative for plastics, these new materials can also become alternative energy sources or to be used in the construction industry. Future Archaeology offers a concrete starting point for an exploration of possible futures through artistic research on material science and biotechnology. Navigating between a blueprint and a proof of concept, the experiments presented in this installation can be seen as an artifact from the future, a fragment of a world to come. 

exhibition: For a Brave New Brussels
SEAS // SongEun ArtSpace, Seoul, South Korea
opening 25 March 2019 running through end of June 2019

Belly (2018) Model for an Intelligent Beehive.
Microbial Cellulose, plaster, honeycomb, electronics

Glossa + Stimuli (2016, lightboxes 1060mm x 720mm each) – Scanning Electron Micrographs, tongue of a honeybee / dus particle. Duratransprints on plexi, metal, LED lights.
Untitled (Yellow – a tribute to Eva Hesse) (2019, Bio Textile wall piece 650mm x 580mm). Bioplastics, organic dyes, metal washers