2020 – Meakusma x IKOB museum contemporary art, Eupen

The Meakusma Weekend will take place in Eupen, Belgium from September 4th to 6th. As an alternative to the Meakusma Festival, which had to be canceled due to the Covid-19 crisis, the Meakusma Festival will be presented in adapted form. There will be genre-crossing live concerts and DJ sets as well as radio art and panel discussions with performing artists. There will also be sound installations, isolated concerts and performances at various locations in Eupen. The program will be streamed via several online radio stations.

IKOB X Meakusma

Meakusma and the IKOB – Museum for Contemporary Art step up their collaboration this year and expand it over several weeks around the Meakusma Weekend which is presented as an alternative to the canceled Meakusma Festival 2020. Three projects will be on show and the Meakusma Weekend radio program is partly streamed live from the IKOB.

Belgian artist AnneMarie Maes presents “The Bee Agency Project” (September 4th to October 4th), an intelligent guerrilla beehive made of biomaterial plus video and sound give an insight into the fascinating inner world of bee colonies. American composer Britton Powell presents his audiovisual work “If Anything Is” (September 4th to September 6th). Using electronic music, video and percussion, he explores psychoacoustic phenomena, minimalism and traditions of non-western music. The Goethe-Institut is setting up the mobile listening station made for the German Pavilion at the Venice Biennale 2019 in Eupen (August 15th to September 6th). It will feature commissioned compositions by six artists.



Echoes from the Greenhouse
This film was shot at the Meakusma Festival, September 6th till 8th, 2019.

Film: Thomas Tourtelier
Music: Abruit, The Memory Room, ML, Eli Keszler, Köhn, The Tashi Wada Group feat Julia Holter & Corey Fogel, Kali Malone, Het Interstedelijk Harmoniumverbond
Image: Thomas Tourtelier, Naig Gilbert, Maxime Riaud, Jim Chawki
Sound: Maxime Riaud