2020 – STARTS final event – le centquatre, Paris

The STARTS Residencies Days will take place at CENTQUATRE Paris, France to present some of the main achievements of the STARTS Residencies programme and showcase the results of 3 years of art, technology and science collaborations involving more than 100 artists, scientists and engineers.
This final event of the European STARTS Residencies programme presents in multiple forms an experiment at an unprecedented scale: how can art contribute to technological innovation? 45 artists have been selected to produce a work in close collaboration with a research project or an innovative company. Taking advantage of some of the most advanced technologies, art creates a bridge with humans and society by offering a sensitive, participatory and critical experience.
During two days and a half, you are invited to discover the different forms art, technology and science projects can take: prototypes, artworks, performances, projections, workshops. Thanks to their residency, the STARTS teams challenged the matter, explored environmental questions, studied social experiments and augmented artistic experiences. While you will freely discover the exhibition and booth spaces, you will be invited to attend performances, workshops and roundtables at specific times during the weekend.
Le Centquatre Paris

L’origine du Monde, AnneMarie Maes in collaboration with the Hybrid Forms Laboratory of Raoul Frese. Research at Open BioLab Erasmus Hogeschool Brussels.

Can we use bacteria as a power source? “L’origine du monde” is an artistic representation of research into the possibilities of cyanobacteria and micro-algae as a source for renewable energy and novel biodegradable materials. The installation shows a strongly enlarged bacterial chain made from glass cells. Every cell is filled with cyanobacteria producing real-time photosynthesis. Together they form a complex microbial population that communicates via quorum sensing and reduces CO2 emissions whilst producing oxygen and biopolymers.

Report of the STARTS residencies presentation in Le Centquatre, Paris, February 2020.

Interview AnneMarie Maes; ‘L’Origine du monde’
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http://vertigo.starts.eu: The Sensorial Skin Project

Coordinated by IRCAM, the VERTIGO project was selected by the European Commission’s DG Connect as part of the STARTS initiative, supporting Science, Technology and the ARTS, under the H2020 programme. Its purpose is to federate stakeholders in the domains of science, technology, and the arts to create new synergies and promote their potential for innovation.
VERTIGO’s primary mission is organising 45 artistic residencies within ICT R&D projects over the next 3 years through annual calls with the goal of producing original artworks featuring innovative use-cases of the developed technologies. VERTIGO also includes the development of a community web platform that brings together all parties concerned by STARTS initiative and offers support for their related actions, as well as the organization of a yearly public event at the Centre Pompidou, Paris, exhibiting the results of the residencies to general public and targeted professionals.