CYFEST is one of the world’s few nomadic cultural events: in 2022 festival projects (contemporary art, performances and music) will be shown in Yerevan, Armenia, Dartington (UK) and Arizona and New York (USA). The theme of the festival in 2022 is Ferment. The authors of works presented at CYFEST-14 study the diversity of fermentation both as a biological process, and in the broader metaphorical sense. The works in the program demonstrate a wide range of cultural, scientific, ethical and aesthetic concepts of fermentation as a process of change for the living and the dead, color and smell, sounds and impressions.
“Fermentation in the conventional sense is a technological process in the food industry. However, if we give it some thought, practically everything that happens over time to animate, inanimate and even strictly material objects falls under this definition. Wine undergoes a long process of change of state from ripe grapes to beverages of various degree of sweetness and strength. Human relationships also ‘ferment’ over the years, acquiring various degrees of intensity and transforming from young and raw to mellowed and mature.” (Anna Frants, curator)

This is the link to my CYFEST#14 lecture ‘The Garden of Knowledge’
And on YouTube an overview video of the whole CYFEST#14 FESTIVAL in Yerevan, Armenia

Anne Marie Maes, Sensorial Skins & Play with Squares at Cyfest-14, Hay Art Center Yerevan, Armenia.
Fermented organic materials, bacteria and yeast. Led Lightbox, wood. 400cm x 400cm x 400cm.

CYFEST-14 gathers over 30 participants from 7 countries in one space. They include Anne Marie Maes, artist, biotechnologist, author of a series of techno-organic objects on the basis of bacteria, algae and plants, Marin Kasimir, multidisciplinary artist and researcher into photographic vision, Mariateresa Sartori, an artist who combines neurobiology, music and sound in her works, the Where Dogs Run group, pioneers of science art, William Latham, artist, professor of computer art and game development at Goldsmith College, and Luca Forcucci, artist, composer and researcher into the relationships between sound, consciousness, perception, memory and the body.

Curators: Anna, Frants, Elena Gubanova, Victoria Ilyushkina, Sergei Komarov, Natalia Kolodzei.
CYFEST is organized by the CYLAND MediaArtLab and One Market Data Yerevan.
HayArt Cultural Center – October, 10–25 2022 – Yerevan, Armenia