2022 – the TRANSPARENT BEEHIVE , a live-action installation in Biotopia (Namur)

Biotopia is an exhibition that plunges us into the universe of the living beings that populate our planet. The exhibition brings together artists and researchers who question the central position of humans in the world. Biotopia proposes a shifted point of view, immersing ourselves in the heart of non-human societies and opening ourselves up to the diversity of ways of being.
Anne Marie Maes’ Transparent Beehive is a sculpture in the form of an observation beehive. The artist staged a form of live action by non-human actors, namely a colony of Honey Bees. The bees have access to the outside world through a glass tube. The inside of the hive is structured like a book. Each of the 12 frames is enhanced with contact microphones which pick up the vibrations in the hive. The sonification creates a soundtrack for the performance of the bee colony.

information on the creation and functioning of the Transparent Beehive