2011 – ART & ICT BRUSSELS – presentation and workshop

This two-day workshop discusses what can be done to facilitate a process to connect art and ICT and determines why this could make a difference. It tries to formulate questions that arise when art and ICT connect and then finds potential answers.

During the meeting scientists and artists from across Europe talk about their work connecting art and ICT, and their motivations and expectations for doing that. The event starts with presentations that take stock of ongoing collaborations, presentations from artists outlining their motivations, and from institutions that already have made dialogues between art and science part of their agenda. This helps to formalise the processes needed for creative collaboration. The event proceeds with art-stormings: fluid working groups to discuss opportunities for future interaction and collaboration between artists and researchers in ICT to identify new themes and directions.

the Transparent Beehive workroom

This event is organized by the European Commission’s Directorate General for Information Society and Media (DG INFSO). Okno hosts one of the workshops at the okno-studio. Annemie Maes and Guy Van Belle give a presentation on the state of the art okno-projects. Annemie Maes presents the Transparent Beehive setup with the realtime video installation.