2016 – BRDCST – popup bee bar

BRDCST is Ancienne Belgique’s brand new indoor spring festival with a focus on musical limitlessness. To diversify this new festival the curators of BRDCST take a multidisciplinary approach. They bring together a pool of artists who feel strongly about artistic innovation, and they compose a program based upon a mix of music and fine arts exhibitions.

At the AB’s old ticketshop, a charming house at Steenstraat 25, a pop-up Bee Bar is installed. The organizers invite AnneMarie Maes & the Brussels Urban Bee Lab to show the art installation ‘the Ambition of the Territory’, a project triggered by the universe of city honeybees.

Inspired by nature, AnneMarie Maes wants to make the invisible visible.

While listening to the ‘the Bee Symphony’, a track by Chris Watson that explores the musical marriage between the human voice and the buzzing of a bee colony, the visitors can taste a new beer, micro-brewed with local ingredients as there are: the honey produced by the bees of the AB and the Brussels Uban Bee lab.

‘the Ambition of the Territory’ – exhibition at BRDCST Festival, Ancienne Belgique (Steenstraat 25) Brussels

Vernissage: thursday 24 March from 5pm.
Location: Steenstraat 25 – 1000 Brussels (old Ticket Shop AB)
Open: 24/3 to 27/3, from 5:30 pm – 10:00 pm
https://www.abconcerts.be/nl/agenda/evenementen/brdcst-pop-up-bijenbar-rough-trade-album-of-the-month-selection-micro-expos/19626/ (scroll to the bottom of the page)
https://www.abconcerts.be/nl/agenda/evenementen/brdcst-pop-up-bijenbar-rough-trade-album-of-the-month-selection-micro-expos/19626/ (onderaan de pagina)