Hortus is an interactive ecologic and economic installation in a garden, and a Salon where a discussion will take place about (im)possible futures. The salon sessions are at 12am and 5pm every day at the Erasmus house in English and/or in Dutch. Each session will have between one and 3 speakers and one moderator and will be recorded to be viewed on the website of Kaaitheater and prolong the discussion online.
Two texts specially written for this Salon will reflect two hypothetical scenarios for two different periods: 2020 and 2084. Their structure is similar but their content suggests different political, cultural, environmental and social approaches to the same issues.

We would like to invite experts for each session from different scientific areas like researchers, members of the Green Party, marketing leaders of green – or very polluting – companies, writers and philosophers to read and comment these texts, from a general point of view, or choosing one specific item to discuss in detail, according to their experience and expertise. 
In an informal atmosphere we would like to open the discussion to everyone present, motivating the exercise of debating utopia by imagining the impossible and therefore, make it happen.

WE 6|6 12.30 PM (NL)
Bruno De Lille (Collegelid van de Vlaamse Gemeenschapscommissie (VGC), belast met Cultuur / Membre du Collège de la Commission communautaire flamande (VG C), chargé de la Culture) & Koen Haagdorens (mod.)
WE 6|6 17.00 PM (EN)
Maja Kuzamovic (FoAM) & Koen Haagdorens (mod.)
TH 7|6 12.30 PM (EN)
Luc Deleu (T.O.P. Office), Philippe Vandebreuck (shiftN) & Koen Haagdorens (mod.)
FR 8|6 12.30 PM (EN)
Jean Paul Van Bendegem (VUB), Gauthier Chapelle, Gaëtan Dartevelle, Michka Melo (Greenloop) & Koen Haagdorens (mod.)
FR.8|6 17.00 PM (NL)
Annemie Maes (OKNO) & Koen Haagdorens (mod.)
SA 9|6 12.30 PM (EN)
Guy Gypens (Kaaitheater) & Kurt Vanhoutte (mod.)
SA 9|6 17.00 PM (NL)
Andrea Carafa (Green Young Economy) & Kurt Vanhoutte (mod.)