2009 – POLITICS of CHANGE at PIXELACHE HELSINKI (installation)

The Signals from the South exhibition is organised by Pixelache festival in collaboration with MUU Gallery.
Pixelache Helsinki (2-5 April) is a festival of electronic art and subcultures, organised since 2002.
Signals from the South’ is an annual showcase of projects from ‘the South’ (South America, Africa, Asia). This year’s exhibition features work by Venzha Christ / Yogyakarta New Media Art Laboratory (Indonesia), Geraldine Juaréz (Mexico), Annemie Maes (Belgium), Vanessa Gocksch & Juan Carlos Pellegrino (Colombia).

signals from the south
MUU Gallery 13.3. – 5.4.2009
Lönnrotinkatu 33, 00180 Helsinki

Annemie Maes (Belgium) Politics of Change (PoC)
Annemie Maes has initiated Politics of Change, an ongoing artistic research project driven by grassroots activism, eco-technology and networks of women. PoC wants to research and build integrated and sustainable relationships between people, their environment and technology.
As artists, filmmakers, activists and policy-makers whose practice incorporates ecological thinking, we have to enrich the public debate around ethical living, environmental sustainability and eco-technology. We have to think about the kind of future in which we want to live and work. What lifestyles, what social and economic systems can we envisage beyond the usual? Is there anything that we can learn from existing (non-Western) social experiments to help us make our economic and political systems less fragile and unstable?
Annemie Maes has made a documentary wall with pictures, videos, and interviews she gathered during her field research at Barefoot College. In this Indian community, illiterate grown-up women are technically trained so they can personally provide their village with sustainable energy with the help of solar panels.