2013 – DOCUMENTA(13) KASSEL – salon

Winning Hearts and Minds, A project by Critical Art Ensemble, is a daily encounter at the 13th Documenta Festival in Kassel, Germany.
In this area, reminiscent in its remoteness of “free speech zones” recently established in the US (Guantanamo Camp X-ray, for example), a lecture takes place every day at noon, for the 100 days of dOCUMENTA (13). Lecturers can sign up through an “open call” system on critical-art.net. Selected projects can engage in whatever free speech they want. It takes place at a house at the far end of the Hauptbahnhof, close to the railway tracks.
This salon discusses the theoretical bases and ecological and technological foundations of Urban Corridors and challenges us to think how corridors act as art works. It then looks at concrete examples of ongoing projects that are in the process of realizing the vision of Corridors, particularly the OpenGreens project by Annemie Maes of the artist collective OKNO in Brussels.

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