2016 – SCIENCE CAFE – presentation Berlin

31 January 2016, 3-6PM – SciArt Café at artlaboratory-berlin.org.
The iGEM team Berlin presents their fourth SciArt Cafe.
Under the main theme of “Programming Life – Good Code/ Bad Code?” we will hear scientists and artists working with bioscience and afterwards discuss topics of synthetic biology. Join us on the 31th of January from 3.00 – 6.00 pm at Art Laboratory Berlin. After four warm up talks at ArtLaboratory Berlin, we will start the discussion over food and drinks.

In this science café we want to address the images and techniques in art and science that apply to the living organism at its source: the organism as bacteria, as gene, as a storage, as connecting element, as an imaginative. Which problems, challenges and questions drive the artists and scientists that are dealing with life in its smallest and most complex form?
Biotechnology aims at prolonging life and minimizing disease. At the same time they have to comply with strong security regulations

Moderation: Desiree Förster
1. iGEM Berlin: Building with BioBricks
2. Dr. Caroline Mair : Research with pathogens – Biodefense or Bioweapons?
3. Margherita Pevere: SEMINA AETERNITATIS
4. AnneMarie Maes: Urban Bee Lab

Listen HERE to the recording of the talk.