2016 – SENSORIAL SKIN exhibition, Sonicville Brussels

This exhibition is a recent solo exhibition of AnneMarie Maes, after group exhibitions in Brussels, Buenos Aires, Barcelona, et al. A new book of her work, entitled ‘Alchemia Nova’ (with texts by Luc Steels, Edith Doove, Armin Medosh and Darko Fritz and published by Mer. Paper Kunsthalle), will be launched on this occasion.
AnneMarie Maes is fascinated in the processes by which Nature creates form: How bees create honeycombs in the hive, how they self-organize into swarms, how plants grow and form geometric patterns, how bacteria and yeast cells collectively create material surfaces forming biofilms.
She observes and analyzes these processes, isolates them or causes them to appear in artificial conditions, and then creates art works from this artistic research in many different media: installations, video, audio, prints, objects.
These art works often go beyond the pure esthetic experience of remarkable structures, even if the sense of beauty is always there. They are intriguing because they make the viewer wonder about the natural growth processes that gave rise to them. AnneMarie Maes is therefore representative of a new wave of artists for which art is life and life is ecological, artists who, paradoxically, exploit the extraordinary possibilities of advanced information and communication technologies and synthetic biology to the fullest in order to connect us back to nature.


SENSORIAL SKIN, a solo exhibition by AnneMarie Maes
ALCHIMIA NOVA, book launch
Opening Wednesday 7 December , 6:30pm to 10pm.
Open daily from 8/12 to 14/12, from 10am to 6pm.

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