2014 – THE BEE LABORATORY at UBAN BEEING, školská gallery, praha

The exhibition is dedicated to both city beekeeping and artistic projects involving bees. Beekeeping attracted the attention of artists from day one. City beekeeping a few years ago has become a popular pastime, and today we can see hives on the rooftops of cultural institutions, restaurants and shopping centers, or in city parks and gardens. One thing is shared among most city beekeepers: the desire to do things differently, and not with the primary goal to harvest as most of the honey as possible. In addition, in cities more than in the countryside various forms of community beekeeping are being established.

Urban Beeing. The apiary tells you, my sister: salvation comes from collaboration.
20/11/2014 – 12/12/2014, školská gallery, praha – czech republic.
Exhibition curated by Lenka Dolanová and Michal Kindernay.

The selected artworks are from the border of art and research, whose authors are mostly practicing beekeepers. The exhibition will feature artists from all over Europe, among others: Bioni Samp (GB), Annemie Maes / Okno (BE), The Bureau of Melodramatic Research (RO), Julie Andreyev (CAN) + Simon Overstall (CAN), Jan Karpíšek (CZ), Eric Tourneret (FR), Gerda Johanna Cammaer (CAN).

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