OPENHOUSEBRUSSELS festival – installation

The Transparent Beehive installation was selected by OKNO to participate in the OpenHouseBrussels Festival.

For the first time in Brussels 24 artistic laboratories and alternative management offices have joined together to show their practices and research in an Open House event dedicated to both public and professionals.
Focusing rather on artistic research processes than on final products, these structures provide national and international artists with time, space and tools to develop their works. With Open House these multi-disciplinary organisations take the opportunity to strengthen their bonds and show once again that Brussels is more than ever a creative and dynamic artists’ city.
The Open House event will consist of two morning debates and three afternoon artistic parcours presenting the structures’ working process as well as the artists who bind them together.

With the participation of: Architecture Workroom, Atelier de Création sonore et radiophonique, Atelier Graphoui, Atelier Jeunes Cinéastes, Auguste Orts, Bains Connective, Caravan Production, Constant, Danscentrum Jette, FoAM, iMal, Komplot, Maison d’Art Actuel des Chartreux, Margarita Production, MediaRuimte, Mokum, nadine, okno, Passa Porta, Pianofabriek Kunstenwerkplaats, Q-O2, Soundimageculture, Vrac / L’Escaut and workspacebrussels.
In collaboration with: VTi, SPACE (Supporting Performing Arts Circulation in Europe), BAM, La Bellone and Kunstenfestivaldesarts.
Supported by: VGC-Vlaamse Gemeenschapscommissie and COCOF-Commission communautaire française

Beekeeper with the Transparent Beehive in the Drying Room at OKNO’s. SuperCollider patches processing the bee sounds linked to visual inputs.