SALOON #13, studio visit – (Brussels, June 2020)

‘Saloon’ is an international network of women working in the art scenes of Berlin, Barcelona, Brussels, Dresden Hamburg, London, Paris, Prague, Tel Aviv and Vienna as curators, artists or journalists, as well as in galleries, museums or universities.
‘Saloon’ is a non-profit initiative aiming to increase visibility of women active in the art scene, encouraging encounters and collaborations, initiating new projects, exhibitions or other forms of cooperation. Launched in May 2019 by Juliette Bibasse and Camilla Colombo, SALOON Brussels reflects the multifaceted character of the European capital: artists, curators, researchers, journalists, practitioners and communication specialists meet advocates for the arts and cultural policy experts creating unique opportunities to discover, engage and exchange. From big institutions to independent spaces, from sculpture to digital art, ‘Saloon’ Brussels is a growing network that finds richness in the diversity of its members, a collage of nationalities, practices, identities and languages.