Biodesign – 3h lecture/class at the Luca School of Art Gent (05.03.2024)

The biodesign module is a series of hands-on workshops that immerse you in the world of bio-based materials and solutions. You will gain biological insights, question your anthropocentric worldview and develop an ethical view on synthetic biology. You will also get to work yourself and experiment with algae, fungi,…. In this workshop series, you will be guided by experts; inspiring speakers

and visits to biolabs; biodesigners, exhibitions will broaden your horizons. The module culminates in an exhibition of design experiments that take the audience into a fascinating world where we as humans live together in symbiosis with nature and technology.

The module is worth 6 ECTS. If you would like this to be valorised in your curriculum, we can check with you and your head of department to see if this is possible. Of course, you can register for the module voluntarily, on top of your curriculum.

1. Biodesign & Bio-based materials
2. Ethics & mindset
3. Architecture & new design methodologies
4. Material Driven Bio Design & Art
5. Transgenic Arts & Science
6. Design assignment

Matthijs De Block (bioartist & innovator), Jasper Bloemen (GLIMPS), Angela Pisani, Kristien Hens (professor bio-ethics), Rachel Armstrong & Breg Horemans (RAAD, KULeuven), Pascal Leboucq (Biobased Creations), Tom Peeters (Open BioLab, EhB), Jasmine De Bruycker (transdisciplinary researcher), Annemarie Maes (bio-artist), Annelotte Lammertse (researcher, LUCA), Tria Amalia Ningsih (PhD, KULeuven)