Class BioArt in the Glimps BioLabs Workshops (Glimps, Dec.2020) is a unique deep-dive experience merging biofabrication, biomimicry, art and design. It’s the best way to connect with scientists, artists and designers for an exploration of the bio-future we envision together with our partners. We have diverse modules in which you can experiment with hands-on biofabrication, kickstart your own bio-inspired project and learn about bio-inspired design, biomaterials and circular economy.

AnneMarie Maes, Class on BioArt

My work is to be situated within the framework of learning from and collaborations with non-human agents as plants, insects and bacteria. My research-based practice analyzes the inherent haptic intelligence and incredible powerful properties of these creatures through production of art, partly based on biomimesis and executed with creative and scientific means. 

My presentation will highlight 20 years of artistic research and production conducted during fieldwork and laboratory-based artist residencies, among others in OKNO (artist-run lab Brussels) FabTextiles and Fablab (IAAC, Barcelona), DIYBioLab (University Pompeu Fabra & Hangar, Barcelona), Open Biolab (Erasmus Hogeschool Brussels), Hybrid Forms Lab (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam).

Projects that will be discussed: Bee Agency, Connected Open Greens, Sensorial Skins, Alchimia Nova – the Lab for Form & Matter.