Hack the Lab! (3.9.2019 Ghent and 4.9.2019 Brussels)

Often asepticised, secluded and reserved for scientific purposes, a laboratory is a place for scrutiny. Seemingly opposed to the immaculate space of scientific research, is the artist’s studio. Expected to reflect on creativity, the studio tends to be subject to preconceptions. For two types of creativity, two separate shelters. Nonetheless, scientists as well as artists seek « a place providing opportunity for experimentation, observation, or practice in a field of study ».
This exhibition celebrates the research of the Color biolab, offering a transdisciplinary approach to both art and science. The presence of a biolab in an art school, produces bilateral opportunities to thrive and to learn. The symbiotic relationship deriving from this bipolar project, forces one to reconsider and rethink the labels attributed, therefore making the partition between art and science more permeable.

Thursday 3/9/2019 at 15h at KASK: Guided tour to the exhibition: ‘Seeing together: a synopsis’
Artists: Annemarie Maes, Peter Beyls, Jerry Galle, Sina Hensel, Pepa Ivanova, Vanessa Müller, Elias Heuninck, Zeger Reyers, María Boto, Kristel Peters.

Friday 4/9/2019 at the Open BioLab Erasmus Hogeschool Brussels. Address: Laarbeeklaan 121, 1090 Jette.
The talks will be in room 4010.

The program is as follows:
9h: opening doors
9h20: welcoming
9h30: Annemarie Maes :
‘Sensorial Skin:researching Bacterial Biosensors’
10h15: Channel Thomas
11h : short break
11h15 : Andreas Stuermer
12h :Christina Stadlbauer
12h45 : lunch
13h30 : workshops Channel/Andreas