HEK, Basel – artist talk (29/08/2018)

Artist talks, moderated by Yvonne Volckart.
With: Rasa Smite & Raitis Smits, Ursula Biemann, Maria Castellanos, HeHe, Knowbotiq Research, Marcus Maeder, Vanessa Lorenzo, AnneMarie Maes, Aline Veillat, Baggenstos/Rudolf.

Yvonne questions if media and sensing technologies might enhance our empathic relations towards our environment and non-humans or not, and if we need this or not.

1. What is your personal vision of a better and more manifold world?

2. How do we reach this, especially if our goals are contradictory? And what do we mean e.g. when we say that we need to cooperate with the non-human, which is one of the hipper terms now… what does this mean concretely spoken?

3. Which role does art play in this process?

4. Which role do media/technologies play?

5. How do we come into agency, and/or action? What do and can we do either personally or collectively? Or otherwise said: Many of us have good ideas about changing our relation towards the non-human. Sciences hope, that art helps, art hopes that technologies help and so on. However, in the end, action needs to be taken. For example, there is the goal of the Paris declaration of reduction of CO2 of 2 degrees (which won’t be enough to prevent the planet of radical change) But nevertheless, nothing happens, no state does anything at all to realize this declaration. What needs to be done next, in your opinion?