Master Class ArtisticResearch: BioArt (University of Barcelona Dec. 2020)

On Bio-art and bio-fabrication: A process at the intersection of art and science.

AnneMarie Maes will talk about her artistic practice, covering biomimicry in bioart and biofabrication. She will give an overview of the development processes of her most important works (BEE Agency, the Laboratory of Form and Matter, Sensorial Skin) and explain how she is collaborating with scientists to deepen artisic research and dive beyond the aesthetic level by adding social and ecological engagement. After the presentation we will open the session for questions and discussion, and give practical information on art/science residencies and funding programs.

Residencies & Scholarships
– In labs
– Biofriction (Hangar)
– FabTextiles / FabLab Barcelona
– DIY BioBarcelona
Funding Programs
– Starts
– others
– bio art & design award (nl)

AnneMarie Maes is an artist who has been studying the close interactions and co-evolutions within several ecosystems. Her research practice combines art and science, with a keen interest in DIY technologies and biotechnology. She works with a range of biological, digital and traditional media, including live organisms. 
Her artistic research is materialised in techno-organic objects that are inspired by factual/fictional stories; in artefacts that are a combination of digital fabrication and craftsmanship; in installations that reflect both the problem and the (possible) solution, in multispecies collaborations, in polymorphic forms and models created by eco-data. 
On the rooftop of her studio in Brussels she has created an open-air lab and experimental garden where she studies the processes that nature employs to create form. Her research provides an ongoing source of inspiration for her artworks.
The Bee Agency as well as the Laboratory for Form and Matter -in which she experiments with bacteria and living textiles – provide a framework that has inspired a wide range of installations, sculptures, photography works, objects and books – all at the intersection of art, science and technology.