Intelligent Beehives as predicates for Metabolic Architectures, 2019

title: Intelligent Beehives as predicates for Metabolic Architectures; editor: Stadtkuratorin Hamburg Maschine ; authors: Dennis Dollens; images: AnneMarie Maes; distribution: Hamburg City Council

Theory-driven architecture may be organized to encode and set procedures for research-by-design seeking data from prototyping as an extension of art. Through art, a research scaffold may emerge for exploratory architectural experimentation and discussion. Associatively, interlinked sets of observational data, sensor readings, laboratory tests, environmental analysis, and fablab models permit potential hybrid materials to embed data for exchange between science, design, and urban sites. Enabled data and observations herein act as foundations for reasoning a building or sculpture’s inclusion of AI, synthetic life, and bio- algorithmic performance as part of evolutionary nature.