Nova XX – catalogue, 2017

editors Stéphanie Pécourt: ; authors: Stéphanie Pécourt, Juliette Bibasse; title: Nova XX; distribution: Culture et Patrimoine, Halles St.Géry; ISBN:

A forum dedicated to innovation by women in technology, science and art at the dawn of the fourth industrial revolution / 4.0. The first edition of Nova XX will happen in Brussels from 9th to 30th December 2017. The main events include an exhibition of 9 installations by artists from Brussels and elsewhere in Europe, as well as
a presentation of 7 Brussels Start-ups, and four presentations on different themes.
In total, the festival will showcase the work of some 16 female geniuses at the top of their respective hybrid fields of expertise. From art to start-ups, the works presented during the forum will all pay testament to the participants’ unique research process and desire to innovate.