Sensorial Skins – Pilar, VUB, 2021

title: Sensorial Skins Catalogue; editor: AnneMarie Maes ; curator: Camilla Colombo; images: the artists; distribution: Pilar, VUB Brussels

Sensorial Skins presents investigations into the sculptural potential of organic materials. AnneMarie Maes transforms them into fabrics, membranes and biofilms. She thus creates complex surfaces that arouse our senses through their materiality, their texture, their colours and smells.

The ever-evolving skins shrink, harden or soften in response to humidity, temperature and other parameters of the environment. Sometimes they emerge from the interaction between the artist and microorganisms. Sometimes they result from processes reminiscent of alchemical practices, grounded in fieldwork and scientific methodology. The skins become interfaces between the human and the non-human, the macroscopic and the microscopic. They transform the natural into the cultural realm.
Sensorial Skins plunges the viewer into earthly colours, materials and textures. It is the first chapter of a double exhibition that continues with Woven by Nature, taking place at iMAL, Art Center for Digital Cultures & Technology, from 29 April to 16 May.

Concept & Artworks: AnneMarie Maes
Curation: Camilla Colombo, Ohme
Production and Technical Support: Erland Jacobsen Production: SO-ON vzw
With the support of the Flemish Government