Beehave – AnneMarie Maes. Fundació Miró.

editors: Dennis Dollens; authors: Dennis Dollens; title: AnneMarie Maees. Bees. Rights of Nature; distribution:; ISBN:

Circulating through the Fundació Miró, I’m reminded that the 1972 museum building was designed by Josep Luís Sert and, that the exhibition I’m seeking, was curated by Martina Millà. There, in collaboration with the building’s space and curatorial brief, AnneMarie Maes investigates the too-little-appreciated cognitive performance between bees, nature, and humans. Doing so, her installation delivers glimpses of bee intelligence. In this artist-, architect-, curator-, mediated space, a species’ cognition — nearly foreign to humans — unfolds a little bit. Using images she made with a scanning electron microscope (SEM), Maes surrounds her sculptures to investigate bee morphology, social order, navigation, and architecture rich with implications for cities, urban gardens, and social systems.

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