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editors: Emi Vergels; title: 5 reasons not to miss …; distribution: the WORD; ISBN:

Five reasons not to miss this year’s BOZAR Electronic Arts Festival. Amongst a long string of cutting-edge expositions, the eye-catching Tendencies: Belgian Art in the Digital Age. In the Feminine #2 is absolutely unmissable. For the second edition of Tendencies – an intricate study of the increasingly blurred boundaries between contemporary arts, media and technology – the recently appointed director of Les Halles St. Géry Stéphanie Pécourt has invited six ambitious female artists to make their marks. From the already-established to the up-and-coming, but always local(ly based): Alex Verhaest, Stéphanie Roland, Anne-Marie Maes, Claire Williams, Katia Lecomte Mirsky and Esther Venrooy explore various mediums ranging from video to bio-technology. A poignant cross-examination of modern feminism, creativity, and the sciences.